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Closure - Kim Carmichael This book is 18 and up due to adult content.

To put it simply I was frickin’ blown away by this book. I am now beginning to realize that I was completely wrong about the romance genre of books. If you stray away from the harlequin, bodice ripping type books you can really find great, romantic stories. I really like stories that have, well, stories. A plot. Not sappy, not sad, but books that make you glad you read it. Closure was that type of book.

Closure is hot, sexy, romantic and playful. This book speaks to my inner sarcastic self. Riley (aka Margaret) echoes my sentiments of high school. I was never quite popular, never quite a nerd, never quite a jock and never quite a burnout. I was all of the above. I hid behind black leather jackets, colored hair and makeup. Not quite to the extreme that Riley did, but similar. Imagine if ”the one that got away” just showed up right in front of you? Some one who crushed you in an attempted to look cool. Would you be brave enough to face it or run and hide? Riley does a little of both when she unexpectedly meets her old high school crush and tutor Mike for a work dinner one night. Mike has no idea who she is, that she has completely re-made herself since he last saw her. Riley has a chance at closure, will it be satisfying Or will she be hurt all over again?

Again, fantastic book. I loved the characters, the sweet but saucy banter between them and the ending was phenomenal.

5+ stars Way to go to Ms. Carmichael
Glistening Haven - Jill  Cooper I forgot how much I liked dystopian books. Glistening Haven started out with a bang, took off running and never stopped until the end. It begins with a Star Trek- like sequence….bright lights, questions with no right answers and torture.

Fast forward a few days and you are introduced to a small community with a horrific secret. They live in a 1950′s style suburb with a twist. It a beautifully created prison. The sky is really a bubble and the cops are armed with Marshall law type way of thinking. Submit or be reprogrammed. Glistenings (prisoners) must comply. The question is….who are the real monsters? The guards, ” normal people” or the prisoners?

The story centers around a few core characters, my favorite being Jenna. She’s a hard core badass that takes her job as a glistening bounty hunter seriously. Problem is, she went off the radar for awhile, two years to be exact. It makes her volatile in her coworkers eyes, her ex-fiancée can’t quite figure her out, but it makes her good at her job.

The ending of this book was one of the best I’ve read in awhile. It left you wanted more but left very few unanswered questions. I hope Jill has more up her sleeve for these characters. I see loads more story in their future. Awesome read!
Coveted - Stephanie   Nelson I swear my favorite authors have been on fire. Stephanie did it again, this is the best book to date in the Gwen Sparks series. The ending was gloriously not what I expected and Dorian I want to eat with a spoon. I can not wait to read Hexed. If I could give this book 10 stars I would.
The Three Saints of Christmas - Beverly Lein A really cute, but sometimes heart wrenching, Christmas story.
Enlightened (Love and Light, #1) - Melissa Lummis I was blown away by this book. Completely not what I expected and its a fantastic tale. :)
Incredible Dreams - Sandra Edwards Review to follow
Cold Days - Jim Butcher

Oh my...the ending. I would've seen it coming if I really thought about it. This book was awesome and it was well worth the wait. Same sarcastic adorable Harry, same awesome pop culture references, awesome new plot twist.
A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness

I always love when a book far exceeds my expectations. I ripped through this book, I honestly could not get enough of it. I actually put aside my new Dresden book to finish reading, not many books get that honor. Diana and Matthew are two of the most dynamic characters I have read in a while and I love the new twist on the Origin of species that is the center of this story. It touches on racism, tolerance and acceptance of the unknown very discreetly. I get the district feeling that the manuscript will be a huge part of the "discovery of witches" in the next book. I am itching to read the next one. As soon as I get my Harry fix, it's next on my list.
Jessica - Laura DeLuca FANTASTIC short story. I love a good White Lady story!
Chasing the Witch - Jessica  Gibson After being completely hooked on the Proctor witches from the first book Mark of the Witch I was really excited to read Chasing. After all the bad stuff that went down with Sabine, Liam and Mary 4 months later Jilly has started to think things might just settle down. Emily has a baby, William and Jilly are talking marriage and Caroline has finally got her divorce underway. Unbeknownst to Jilly trouble is brewing. William's brother Patrick, the evil warlock and fellow amaranthine breaks out of his prison with a mission. Is he up to no good or can he redeem himself? The ending was quite the cliff hanger so I am anxiously awaiting the next one! Get writing Jessi!
Morrigan - Laura DeLuca Fantastic. A great story incorporating all forms of magic's history. It has witches, changelings, and magic. All my favorite things.
Destiny - Laura DeLuca Review to come.....
Destiny Unveiled - Laura DeLuca

Review to come......
Revamp - Beck Sherman This is my kind of book. A Post-Apocalyptic Vampire story. Emma leaves on a seemingly innocent college tour trip to California and is thrown into a war that she had previously no knowledge of, no tools to defend herself. It’s basically your worst nightmare. Emma has to rely on a motley crew of strangers to ensure her well being, teach her how to fight and survive…

Needless to say, I loved this book. Do not start reading this book unless you have time. It’s a long book because the author delves into each characters back story in an attempt to give the reader an idea how these vampires could have weaseled their way into mainstream society unnoticed. Once you start reading you will have a hard time stopping. There’s blood, gore and adult language so it’s not for the kiddos. I was blown away by this story though. I haven’t read a vampire book in a while that I REALLY liked. This story is original, pretty fantastic take on vampires and their world. Go read it!

I HIGHLY recommend this book. Classic horror.
Becoming Mona Lisa - Holden Robinson Becoming Mona Lisa is a simple tale of discovery. Mona Lisa comes to a crossroads, a journey I think a lot of us can relate to, she needs to decide which path her life should go: divorce or loneliness. Deciding to save her marriage, and Aunt Ida’s trees her husband, brother in law and Mona Lisa embark on a hilarious endeavor to save thousands of crows (my daughter would totally do this) but ends up looking at her husband in a new light. Becoming Mona Lisa is an endearing love story surprisingly enough, my favorite part was the irreverent, sarcastic wit. Normally I wouldn’t be drawn to this type of story but I think the humor and well written characters hooked me. Great rainy day read.
Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae - L.K. Rigel

Review to come....

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