Holding Off for a Hero - Gail MacMillan Holding Off For A Hero is a cute, well written book that revolves around two characters Emma Prescott, guidance counselor at a high school for troubled teens and Frasier MacKenzie, a professor. A fire pushes Emma to move to a cabin in the woods next door to Frasier- who just wants a quiet life so he can continue his research of the mysterious panthers around Loon Lake. Emma has a little pug dog that Fraiser saves on their first meeting. Emma and her pug threaten to disrupt his work with the panthers and Frasier’s attempts to get rid of Emma. He ultimately fails and odd things happen. This occurrences cause Frasier not only fear for Emma’s well being, but to start becoming suspicious of her as well. This is a good, quick read that I recommend for animal lovers and mystery fans.