Glistening Haven - Jill  Cooper I forgot how much I liked dystopian books. Glistening Haven started out with a bang, took off running and never stopped until the end. It begins with a Star Trek- like sequence….bright lights, questions with no right answers and torture.

Fast forward a few days and you are introduced to a small community with a horrific secret. They live in a 1950′s style suburb with a twist. It a beautifully created prison. The sky is really a bubble and the cops are armed with Marshall law type way of thinking. Submit or be reprogrammed. Glistenings (prisoners) must comply. The question is….who are the real monsters? The guards, ” normal people” or the prisoners?

The story centers around a few core characters, my favorite being Jenna. She’s a hard core badass that takes her job as a glistening bounty hunter seriously. Problem is, she went off the radar for awhile, two years to be exact. It makes her volatile in her coworkers eyes, her ex-fiancée can’t quite figure her out, but it makes her good at her job.

The ending of this book was one of the best I’ve read in awhile. It left you wanted more but left very few unanswered questions. I hope Jill has more up her sleeve for these characters. I see loads more story in their future. Awesome read!