Closure - Kim Carmichael This book is 18 and up due to adult content.

To put it simply I was frickin’ blown away by this book. I am now beginning to realize that I was completely wrong about the romance genre of books. If you stray away from the harlequin, bodice ripping type books you can really find great, romantic stories. I really like stories that have, well, stories. A plot. Not sappy, not sad, but books that make you glad you read it. Closure was that type of book.

Closure is hot, sexy, romantic and playful. This book speaks to my inner sarcastic self. Riley (aka Margaret) echoes my sentiments of high school. I was never quite popular, never quite a nerd, never quite a jock and never quite a burnout. I was all of the above. I hid behind black leather jackets, colored hair and makeup. Not quite to the extreme that Riley did, but similar. Imagine if ”the one that got away” just showed up right in front of you? Some one who crushed you in an attempted to look cool. Would you be brave enough to face it or run and hide? Riley does a little of both when she unexpectedly meets her old high school crush and tutor Mike for a work dinner one night. Mike has no idea who she is, that she has completely re-made herself since he last saw her. Riley has a chance at closure, will it be satisfying Or will she be hurt all over again?

Again, fantastic book. I loved the characters, the sweet but saucy banter between them and the ending was phenomenal.

5+ stars Way to go to Ms. Carmichael