Deceived (Gwen Sparks, #2) - Stephanie   Nelson I am a HUGE supernatural fan and up until the past year was NOT a fan of paranormal romance. The main reason for this is most of the paranormal romances I read were more romance than story. I like a good story with a side of romance. One of the stories that changed my mind was Craved by Stephanie Nelson. This is a good story. Deceived was no different. Gwen is just as hot in this book and Aidan is EVEN hotter (he is tied for me with C.G Powell’s character Tam). Gwen has been thrown into another supernatural dilemma…some one is using witches blood to amp up vampires. This is terrifying because these vampires can then absorb which ever witches abilities they consume. Gwen joins the fight and search to find out who is behind this dangerous business of selling witches blood. During this fight she is introduced to an Angel of Death named Dorian. Watch out Aidan you now have competition! Dorian brings a huge conflict to Gwen and Aidan’s relationship that is even furthered complicated when Aidan gets hooked on “brew” aka witches blood. Poor Aidan. He just finally hooked Gwen and now he has to contend with an Angel of Death?? Geesh. Throw an evil vampire Ian Despereaux into the mix and their relationship is stretch to the ultimate limit. This is such a fun read and you will not be disappointed. I am soo anxious to see where Stephanie is going with these new twists and Gwen’s relationship with Aidan. Will Dorian win?

This book has a little for everyone: sex, supernatural and suspense. My kinda book.