Biting Oz  - Mary Hughes OMG. I had a very hard time putting this book down. You are TOTALLY not in Kansas anymore. I grew up completely and totally obsessed with the Wizard of Oz so the fact that the play with in the book was based on that story was just icing on the cake. The dialogue in this book was witty, hilarious and raunchy- right up my alley. First off the story is based in a suburb called Meiers Corner by Chicago, like me. Secondly the town is a German themed town, like me (most of the things in my town has Alpine in the title…). Thirdly, the main characters are a German girl and a Welsh vampire, like me (well I am German and Welsh- a girl, NOT a vampire just to clear that up). It was a little eerie. LOL This book is not for some one that is on the conservative side, the language is very adult as is most of the book. This book is for a die-hard paranormal romance lover- no wish washy “romance talk” here. It’s tongue in cheek (and other places-pun intended) humor, the characters are awesome and are so well written that you feel like you could be best friends in a flash. Nixie, one of Junior’s friends, is a pregnant, punk rockin’ wife of a vampire that I could totally hang out with. If you are looking for a fun, light fantastic paranormal romance, this book is the ticket. I am looking forward to reading other books by Mary Hughes. She has a whole Oz series!