The Light Tamer: The :Light Tamer Trilogy book 1 (Volume 1) - Devyn Dawson The best thing I liked about this book is how ageless it is and I love how the characters were so well written and developed. At times I felt gaps in the story….like you aren’t “in the know” but I feel like that is what the author is going for, she wants you to learn things in real-time along with the characters.
Jessie learns she is a Light Tamer. What it means to be a Light Tamer is not quite clear (this is where the gaps come in). She, her new boyfriend Caleb and her new friend Amber (all Light Tamers) only know for sure that they are to stay clear of the Dark Ones. They also know if they don’t bond with another Light Tamer by the age of 18 they will become even more vulnerable to becoming one of the Dark Ones. Jessie learns that an incident in her childhood has already bonded her to Caleb and a meeting with her new headmistress is very enlightening (let’s just say FATE is on her side). Jessie and her crew stumble upon the fact that Erebus, son of Chaos has escaped the Underworld (he just happens to be one of the original Dark Ones). Newbie Jessie and her teen-aged cohorts plus a slew of Light Tamers that just “happen” to live in the town must find a way to stop one of the lords of the underworld. Just a typical day, right?
I think what drew me the most to this book is the references to mythology (Jessie also learns she is a direct descendant of Artemis) and the running dialogue in Jessie’s head. It’s very much like my own. She is a teenager that knows what she wants, is fearless (mostly) and rolls with the punches. She didn’t blink or skip a beat when she was told what her fate was, just accepted it and said what’s next?

Although this is a paranormal story it deals with very common teenage issues. Romance, friends, parental issues and angst. There is some romance but nothing I wouldn’t let my 12-year-old daughter read.