Bitten Shame - Olivia Hardin I read the first book Witch Way Bends - I absolutely LOVED it. You were introduced to Devan and her crew, including Jill Prescott. In the first book you find out sometime during college Jill was turned into a vampire. It all sounds very dangerous and shady. In Bitten Shame Jill’s true story unfolds and while it was a little dangerous plus a little shady it was also a fantastic love story vampire style. Jill is tricked into being a companion (aka blood donor) for Doc Massey, even he wasn’t aware she had no clue why she was hired. Extremely quickly the two bond and the love story develops for Doc and Jill. I love how the story goes back and forth to present day and the past. Jill always seems to be searching for something and in helping Devan, she just might find something that she didn’t know she was looking for or at least never dreamed could happen. I am looking forward to reading the 3rd book. I read Bitten Shame in a day, couldn’t put it down. I am really curious to see all of these characters develop and any new characters Olivia has in store for us!