The Unsacred Gift - C.S. Dorsey This book touched home a little bit. Since I have been younger I have had visions. Not something I readily admit, but I guess the secret is out. When I was younger I called them “tv dreams” and that term stuck. I wish to say the visions are good ones, but most are harbingers of death or an accident. They are very vivid and have the feeling of watching a movie or a tv show. Sissy has it one step forward. She can simply touch people and see their deaths. It starts when she is 6 years old and foresees her sisters kidnapping. Can you imagine? This book is haunting, gripping and multitude of twists and turns ( and if you’ve read my other book reviews you know how much I love when books keep me guessing). I was entranced by it and I probably would have finished it quicker if it wasn’t for summertime and kids distracting me! Most of the time I was reading I forgot that this was a YA book. I am not usually a fan of when the author goes into a lot of detail but for some reason it worked in this book. Definitely a must read.