Choices (Guardian Trilogy Book Two) - Liz Shulte I had a hard time in the first book Secrets at first trying to keep up with the story since it changes from 2 different character’s perspectives. Although it was my favorite part of the last Twilight book, I wasn’t used to Liz Shulte’s style of writing. By the 3rd chapter of the book I got used to it quickly and I was immediately hooked. This book Choices has three different characters perspectives but because I was already used to her style I caught on quickly.

My favorite character, besides Olivia, is Holden. I love that even though he is a demon’s minion (jinni) he is still in touch with his humanity. I LOVE the triangle that has formed between Quintus, Olivia and Holden.
The story revolves around loads of mystery and suspense….
1.Why is Juilet (Olivia’s best friend) a jinni? Who is working for?
2.Who is killing Guardians? Is it Holden? Quintus and Olivia are assigned to investigate. What will happen to Olivia if it is?
3.Can Holden and Olivia ever make their relationship work? I have to tell you I am rooting for them!!
4. Can Quintus help Olivia moved past her love for Holden, be the best Guardian she can be, while hiding his ever growing love for her?
5. What will happen when Olivia finds out Juliet’s alive?

One of the parts of the story that really cemented the love I have for Holden’s character is the way he was there for Olivia’s mom after the fall out of both Juliet’s and Olivia’s deaths. Not something you would expect from a Jinni but when has Holden done what’s expected?

What I was really impressed with in this book (Choices) and Secrets is the way Liz actually paints a picture of the story. You feel like an observer- you almost forget that you are reading a book. The characters are easily imagined, relatable and very vivid. I am hooked. This series has been a fabulous escape at night after a long day at work and mom-hood.

I, for one, am holding my breathe for the last book of this trilogy Consequences.