Into the End (Into the End, #1) - Bonnie R. Paulson We live in a time where pretty much anything is possible. War. Famine. Natural disasters. It surrounds us and is a fear that seems to always be present. The government has colors for it, code red & yellow. Before 9-11 I think a lot of Americans thought the US was invincible. We found out the hard way that wasn’t true. Into the End is a story completely based in fact. First natural disasters hit. Then silent and stealth attacks begin by an unknown enemy. People are losing loved ones left and right. Specific people seem to be targets and no one knows why. I really thought that this would be a hard book to read, but I found myself immersed in this book. I stayed up way to late reading it. It’s written so three dimensionally and the characters are so relatable. This is dystopian/ apocalyptic fiction at its best. I’m itching to read the next book.