Infernal Gates

Infernal Gates - Michael J.   Webb This was totally my kind of book. Infernal Gates had all my favorite things: mythology, theology, romance, demons and magic. I am new to Michael’s writing but I am definitely keeping him on my radar now. What I loved about this book is that it combined all sorts of ideals, religions and ways of thinking. Infernal Gates takes you on a supernatural ride of present and past. It switches back and forth from past to present seamlessly and it’s extremely easy to follow. It’s definitely a cerebral read, if you don’t know much about different religions and time periods you will be ten times more knowledgeable when you are done reading. The Book of Revelation has received a lot of press lately, more and more religious people keep saying we are at the End of Days. For Ethan Freeman it is. He’s running from humanity and the supernatural. He has cult members and demons tracking him down and/or trying to frame him for murder. It’s a crazy ride and I am really glad I hopped on. One of the better books I have read in awhile. If you like books by Steven White and Dan Brown you will LOVE this book. 5 stars from me.