The Windgate (The School of Ministry #1)

The Windgate (The School of Ministry #1) - Braxton A. Cosby The School of Ministry was a wild, unique, cerebral read. It’s Christian based in its theology but I felt a more spiritual theme develop after a bit. Ziv is a fantastically strong young man who gets thrown a lot of junk in his life. It keeps on ticking and moving. In a twist of fate he meets this “league of extraordinary gentleman” called the School of Ministry who show him things that can’t ever be unseen, but also verify to him, he’s not crazy. It’s fast paced, it has vivid imagery and although the actual villain may have been a shock to some, I wasn’t surprised. This isn’t your usual vanilla religious story. It has twists and issues that far exceed expectations. My only critique? The author has a love for !’s everywhere. I seriously recommend this book!