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Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning Beyond fantastic. Another great book from Olivia Cunning. I seriously could not put it down, I'm already on to the next book.
Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I can not find a word that will do justice to how much I loved this book. Sarcasm, humor, sex and food. All ways to my heart. Fantastic.
Through the Flames (Into the End, #2) - Bonnie R. Paulson Wow. I dare say the second book was even better than the first. You find out who the “unknown” enemies are, gain important answers to the tons of question from the first book and learn a heck of a lot more secrets about the characters. Brenda comes forward as the true hero of this book. Others may have more bruises but her psyche takes the most beating out of all of them. It’s my favorite kind of character- flakey turns strong. Reminds me of Night of the Comet, my fav 80s movie. Brenda totally kicks ass while the whole time wondering if her sister is behind some of the fall out. I can not stress enough…read this series. It’s apocalypse fiction at its best.
Into the End (Into the End, #1) - Bonnie R. Paulson We live in a time where pretty much anything is possible. War. Famine. Natural disasters. It surrounds us and is a fear that seems to always be present. The government has colors for it, code red & yellow. Before 9-11 I think a lot of Americans thought the US was invincible. We found out the hard way that wasn’t true. Into the End is a story completely based in fact. First natural disasters hit. Then silent and stealth attacks begin by an unknown enemy. People are losing loved ones left and right. Specific people seem to be targets and no one knows why. I really thought that this would be a hard book to read, but I found myself immersed in this book. I stayed up way to late reading it. It’s written so three dimensionally and the characters are so relatable. This is dystopian/ apocalyptic fiction at its best. I’m itching to read the next book.
All For Hope - Olivia Hardin I like a little action in my romance books. I am not at heart a truly romantic person. To be honest I am more of guy. LOL I think that is why for so many years I shied away from Romance books. Luckily in the past year or so I have met some terrific writers that have opened my mind to different genres of books. I really loved this book. I love Olivia’s writing style, I love how she makes the characters pop and the story feel alive. Hope is a fantastic character, so spunky and brave. Since I believe in fate and destiny All For Hope really resonated with me. Even though Hope runs away to escape a terrible situation, she runs into an old flame who just “happens” to be in the right place and the right time. Fate. I really got wrapped up in the transition of Hope and Brennan’s relationship, slow as it was, because the payoff was worth it. All in all this book had action, humor, fantastic romance and a terrific plot. 5 stars from me.
Testing Fate  (Mystic Wolves #3) - Belinda Boring I loved this book. Darcy is quickly becoming one of my favorite kick-ass female MCs and thank you Bels for making me wait so long because I thoroughly savored the book so much more. I love Bels writing style and how vividly she writes the characters. This book is fantastic. Seriously read it and if you haven't read the first two.....what are you waiting for?
The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman I was blessed to receive this book from the author through NetGalley and I can not say enough about how fabulous this book is. No lie. It has everything I love. Fae, witches, all sorts of supes plus a incubus. Despite being in a fibro flare I have managed to finish this book and not fall asleep! That is a huge testament to how awesome the book was....I highly recommend it and can not wait to read the next.
The Siren - Tiffany Reisz So good I was speechless.
Into the Dark - Stacy Green I was really impressed by how well written this mystery was, I felt like I was reading one of the real crime novels I love to read. The author described Las Vegas so adeptly that I almost felt like I was right there, smells and all. You can tell that the author truly enjoys writing this genre and really does her research to give it that real feel. The story builds at a great pace starting with a bank robbery that quickly escalates in a psychopath named The Taker becoming obsessed with the stories lead character Emilie. He attempts to kidnap her and bring her down into the maze of sewer tunnels that run under the city. When his attempt fails he flees into the tunnels and starts a man hunt. This is a fantastically chilling mystery that I highly suggest you read if you are into true crime like I am .

The Witching Hour - Anne Rice One of my favorite books of all time
Holding Off for a Hero - Gail MacMillan Holding Off For A Hero is a cute, well written book that revolves around two characters Emma Prescott, guidance counselor at a high school for troubled teens and Frasier MacKenzie, a professor. A fire pushes Emma to move to a cabin in the woods next door to Frasier- who just wants a quiet life so he can continue his research of the mysterious panthers around Loon Lake. Emma has a little pug dog that Fraiser saves on their first meeting. Emma and her pug threaten to disrupt his work with the panthers and Frasier’s attempts to get rid of Emma. He ultimately fails and odd things happen. This occurrences cause Frasier not only fear for Emma’s well being, but to start becoming suspicious of her as well. This is a good, quick read that I recommend for animal lovers and mystery fans.
Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia I was completed enchanted with this book. Th writing was phenomenal and it was written in the perfect perspective so you felt more in tune with the characters. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie should translate well to the big screen.
Desires Unleashed - D.N. Simmons Based in one of my favorite cities, Chicago, this story takes us to a reality where not only are supernaturals known, they are governed and have their own set of laws. The humans hold great prejudice and the supes are bitter about humans thinking they are powerful enough to control them. There are 4 main sets of characters whose stories you follow at a break neck pace. 3 sets are supes and the third are seemingly human.

There is a ton of romance. Supe on supe, human and supe, guy on guy etc. it was my first time reading anything with descriptive guy on guy romance. My friend at Identity Discovery described my feelings from the book exactly (great minds think alike) :

"I have not read anything that had actual guy on guy content previously, but this book is pretty full of it. It was eye opening for me. I can’t say I was crazy about it because I prefer to think that my supernatural men will actually want me more than their best guy friend. However, this was very well written and if you are into that sort of thing, you will love it."

While it was shocking, it didn’t distract from the story which was very good! I really liked the character development , the sarcastic humor and the shameless flirting between pretty much every character. I am rooting for Xavier and Natasha. I hope Darian doesn’t put a wedge in their budding relationship.
Shifty Business (Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy, #3) - Olivia Hardin I love this series. This book is fantastic, a great story that ties up the stories of Devan, Kent, Jill, Doc, Gerry & Nicky. I am looking forward to the next book....can't wait to see what Olivia does with the characters. By the way...the ending was fantastic.
Shifty Business (Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy, #3) - Olivia Hardin I love this series. This book is fantastic, a great story that ties up the stories of Devan, Kent, Jill, Doc, Gerry & Nicky. I am looking forward to the next book....can't wait to see what Olivia does with the characters. By the way...the ending was fantastic.
Tale of Lucia Grandi - Susan Speranza Veering off course from my usual kind of book genre I read The Tale of Lucia Grandi: The Early Years. It difficult for me to read but I still was spellbound by the ebb and flow of this story. A woman writing her dissertation seeks out Lucia and asks her to tell her story. Lucia was born into unfortunate circumstances. She endured physical and emotional abuse, though hard to read at times, it’s worth sticking to the book. Her mother was not pleased with her existence which was made known loud and clear. It’s lengthy but it needed to be to fully express the fantastic history she lives though and the essence of the character. A fantastically written book. The author truly captures the feel of the characters and it translates eloquently to the page.

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